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Apparatus For LEP Physics











Apparatus For LEP Physics
Sire: Texas Roadrunner For Caveja
Dame: Anghelu Ruju Melissa
DOB: 11.08.2008

Land: Italy
Colour: isabell
Breeder: Ester Casula
Owner: Ester Casula
Size:38 cm
Bite: full, correct scissor bite



Health issues:
Eyes: VD affected, otherwise clear 08.2012
Patella: 0/0 09.2011

Official titles:
ENCI selected stud

Litters: delle Polveri di Cantor (I) - C-litter 1/0
Paola Sitzia (Italy), 0/6
Paola Sitzia (Italy), 0/1

Owner details:
Name: Casula
Vorname: Ester
Plz / Ort: 09127 Cagliari